When you are open to new experiences you meet clients in strangest places or situations. Scott is my story today. Let’s go back together to that day when I received a call from my sister in Miami to tell me that there must be something wrong because my mom did not want to go SHOPPING! If you know my mom, this was shocking. At 74 years old my mom was having symptoms of appendicitis. To make this story short let’s just said that she ended up having an appendectomy and fighting to get back on her feet before a hospital staff “scanned” her wrist one more time. When your wrist gets scanned in a hospital, you can hear your wallet screaming!
I flew to Miami as soon as the surgery time was confirmed. I wanted to be with mom when she waked up from the surgery. The only flight available took me from Phoenix to Los Angeles and then to Miami. While on the flight the person behind me was having a very animated and descriptive conversation about her job. She worked in a funeral home and cremation services. The stories she was talking about had a lot of humor. It felt weird to laugh at these stories, but I couldn’t help it nor could the gentleman sitting next to me. “Interesting conversation” were the words I used to introduced myself to Scott. After that we laugh and told each other our own weird stories. An hour and a half later we landed in Los Angeles and on the way out we exchanged cards. Who would have thought that 4 years later these total random encounter will have resulted in a great friendship and 4 Real Estate transactions.
Building real relationships with real people is the key to keeping customers. A real friend is worth more than any number of links, likes or followers. Thank you, Scott!