flattireMy day started with a tire that blew up as I was driving to get the morning bagels for my coffee shop. I was able to get to a side road and turn the car off. At 7am on a Monday, all my guy friends were in the shower, sleeping or simply had their mobile phones off. Some of my girlfriends were up; however, most of them like me have never changed a tire!

The usual trick “stand pretty and look helpless” until some guy stops and offers a hand, was not useful on a side street, no traffic, no guys around.

I have seen my dad, brother and boyfriends change tires so I knew the process. I proceeded to open the trunk and tried to get the jack. I pulled as hard as I could and it did not move an inch! I knew I was doing something wrong. My brother always says, “if you are having a hard time getting something out or opening a bottle of prescription medicine, you are doing something wrong”. So, I opened the owner’s manual where it clearly said, turn the knob counterclockwise to get the jack out. I did as instructed and the jack came off!

Now that I had the jack and the spare tire, I was ready for the next step. I started to loosen the nuts. Whoever tied them before did a pretty good job. I tried to loosen them with the wrench with no luck. I placed the wrench in the right position so I can step on it and use my body weight…not a good idea if you are wearing high heels! The gym bag that is a permanent feature in my car in case I feel the urge to exercise came handy. I changed my shoes and looking rather funny I started loosen the nuts.

Next step; the jack. I read the instructions and located the exact place where I was supposed to place the jack. No glamor in this, I was trying to do the less damage to my work clothes so I barely put my knees on the floor, butt up in the air and long hair all rubbing in the pavement, but I was happy I saw the little metal part where the jack was supposed to go. I started to jack the car off the ground; everything was looking good until suddenly the car moved a little and twisted the jack 🙁 I started the reverse process in hope that I can get it to a point where I can start over again. It was harder than I thought. At this point, I did not mind getting dirty; I was ready to lie down on the pavement when he showed up!

I had called and left text messages on my closest guy friends, including ex-husband, ex-boyfriends, co-workers and my dear handyman. Suddenly he was there, the least expected one, the one that is a phone call away when FHA requires repairs and becomes the best friend of my first-time home buyers. He paints entire homes, fixes drywall, lays tile, wood floors, cleans backyards, hooks fans etc. and now he was becoming my triple A! 🙂

He got the jack from his car, lifted my car, change the tire, place the tire in my trunk and I was on my way in less than minutes.

I had no cash on me but I had my credit card. Wow, I could enjoy breakfast with him and earn miles at the same time! but he said that he just ate 🙁 Not having anything else to offer I said to him: “I owe you one”. He looked at me and said: “You don’t owe me anything. I have so much gratitude towards you that I could not pass the opportunity to help you”. I did not expect that answer, he did not owe me anything. His kind words totally made my day!

Nevertheless, after a visit to discount tire, which as always were very helpful, I got to my office and joined triple A (AAA).