Well, this is not my first post. Unfortunately, I lost all my previous ones because I forgot to back up my files. I am so used to check my files in and out, view their history, and retrieve older versions using TFS at work that I gave little thought to backing up my WordPress files. Now here I am, my thoughtful blogs gone, hope not forever. I do not even feel very creative today, but I need one blog post to fill this space. Is there anybody out there that can enlighten me on how to recuperate my files? I know there is a way, there must be a way…but today I do not feel like searching. I need my friend @EvilBobby’s magic touch to make everything better. HELP!

This should teach me a lesson. Creativity does come to me on a daily basis. My ESL (English as a second language) still makes my friends and co-workers giggle. So writing a blog in English and get the words to flow seamlessly is a work of art in itself. At least for me. ;). If I get somebody to laugh or shed a tear reading my blogs, then that should be reason enough for me to make a backup of my files!