cafeI am sitting in my coffee shop this morning wondering when I will get the urge to write on my blog again. After all I write when something really moves me. It could be incredible happiness, sadness, frustration or just surprise. However, most of the time my life is so peaceful, and even though it conflicts with my writing, I am really grateful 🙂

I admit, it is heartbreaking to watch what is happening with the oil spill and what this tragedy has created. What about the mix feelings that brings SB1070, or the housing market in Arizona and even the upcoming Soccer World Cup! All those topics deserve a blog but I cannot bring myself to write about them.

So while I sit here enjoying what could be the last months of my coffee shop I decided to make a list of the qualities that have drawn me to some of my clients and now my friends. After all these qualities can be listed in a matchmaking website as “What makes somebody a perfect dating candidate” and may be able to help those looking for love 🙂

So here is the list of what I admire and I am sure most of us do:

Happy people: People that have a great attitude towards life, those who are grateful to be alive. Their happiness shows and can be felt.

Honest people: It makes you a great person to be around

Generous people: People that give selflessly deserve admiration

People with family values: It says a lot when a person keeps in touch and respect their parents and siblings

People that know who they are and what they want: Knowing who you are is a blessing.

People with a passion: It keeps them alive!

People that keep educating themselves: Being around people that learn new things every day is never boring

People that take care of themselves: To see a gorgeous 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 year old that respects their body and looks their best is inspirational.

People that respect all forms of life: It shows compassion and respect

People that expand their horizons: Learning about other cultures and countries opens your mind and makes you aware of how fortunate you are

People that are on time:
Being on time shows respect to others. Be grateful for the time other people give to you

Thank you to everybody that has enriched my life through all these fabulous 15 years. Your stories, your energy and your love have been an incredible start of every single day!

Love you all!