Lately I have been starting my day at 4:00am. There are some things that become more important as you grow older. Starting your day realizing who you are and making time to be with yourself fills you with an incredible calmness.

To my surprise the gym has a full house around 4:30am. Who would have known! The white hallways that lead to my condo start waking up around 5:00am. The sweet aroma of coffee fills up the hallways, and while it is dark outside, and the evening lights are on, I get to enjoy the peaceful almost still morning.

My puppy Bailey wakes up and has a 10-minute spur of energy before crashing back on his bed or mine while I get to enjoy his peaceful sleep.

This year I also joined a book club. My lost love for books and stories is waking up again. Reading gives you a window to other people’s reality and life. I decided to subscribed to The Skimm and 5 Things, the CNN Newsletter. In a few paragraphs it updates you of important things happening in the world. To keep it light and balanced I also subscribed to CNN’s The Good stuff!

Time is limited, life can change in a second. Being aware of this, I want to be present and make the most of every moment. We may outlive our parents so why not use technology for a good thing and contact them as well as our friends every day to see how they are doing? I see my business partner Magdalena light up when her daughter calls. Technology keeps us close despite the distance.

I will likely outlive my puppy, so why not give him the best possible life while I enjoy the unconditional love he gives me?

My clients. They give me their trust and deserve my best. Every transaction is one more friend that enriches my life, so I keep learning more every day.

Wake up, make sure people you love know you love them. Sometimes a simple smile can change somebody’s day. Listen to the music you love and do the things that make you happy. Life is the most precious gift we have.